Firman Maulana

Software Engineer


I am a Berlin-based software engineer who has more than ten years of experience in software development covering backend engineering, database structure design, and scalable microservices architectures.

I use Rust as the main programming language and Go as current company language of choice, despite having experiences and exposures with Python, PHP, JavaScript, Swift (iOS), and Java/Kotlin (Android).

I also have some experience in technology stacks such as Kafka, Nakadi (Kafka-based REST API), RabbitMQ,, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS, and Redis.

I use tools like Git, Docker, and Kubernetes wisely.

I contribute to open-source software.

I speak Indonesian, English, A1 German, and Javanese.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

HelloFresh SE Berlin, Germany | 2021

HelloFresh SE is a publicly traded meal kit company based in Berlin, Germany. It is the largest meal-kit provider in the United States, and also has operations in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Europe and Japan.

I worked as a senior software engineer for Culinary Tribe.

Using Go as the main language.

  • Developed recipe planning service
  • Develop menu planning service

Software Engineer

Zalando SE Berlin, Germany | 2018

Zalando SE is Europe’s leading online fashion platform and connects customers, brands, and partners in 17 countries.

I worked as a software engineer for Zalando Offprice (Zalando Lounge) and Zalando Outlets.

Using Go as the main language.

  • Developed Wühlmaus: article steering system for Zalando Outlets merchandise and automated warehouse
  • Developed zPoints: Zalando Outlets’s loyalty initiative.
  • Developed Ostkreuz: Zalando Offprice reporting tools
  • Developed high availability and high-performance APIs for various projects

Senior Software Engineer

Mapan Jakarta, Indonesia | 2016

Mapan (Go-Jek Group) is a social enterprise which mission is to increase access, dignity, and income for low-income communities in Indonesia through technology.

  • I did lead the Python backend team for their main product, Arisan Mapan
  • I did lead the Android team for the Mapan app. Being one of Google Launchpad Accelerators.
  • Refactored & improved some of the company’s services and stack from Python Django to Go.

Mobile & Backend Developer

Travelish Jakarta, Indonesia | 2014

Travelish is a tiny app company that focuses on travel, book, and coffee. Some of the apps without non-disclosure agreements are listed on the website.

I did make mobile apps, mostly on the iOS platform with Objective-C/Swift. Also backend engineering with Go language.

Technical Advisor

Nuwira Yogyakarta, Indonesia | 2012

Nuwira is a web and mobile application development based in Yogyakarta and Jakarta.

As a technical coordinator for companies within holding groups.

Also developed iOS and Android mobile applications, and built Python, and PHP web services as backend, for some internal and non-disclosure projects in several sister companies.

Senior Developer

SalingSilang Jakarta, Indonesia | 2009

SalingSilang was a start-up company in Jakarta, Indonesia. Their products ranging from blog service, photo sharing site, user-generated content site, to social media analytics and measurement engine. Unfortunately, this start-up company has shut down all its services in late 2012.

In this start-up company, I started to develop a user-generated content engine in 2009. Build and maintenance SSO (Single Sign-On), reputation system, and gamification engine for all SalingSilang products.

Lead Developer

Mitija Australia/Alphalog Caledonie Melbourne, Australia | 2008

Mitija Australia is a software company leader in open-source online solutions to businesses in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific. They are based in Melbourne, Australia.

My role was as a PHP lead developer. I was creating, developing, and maintaining the website and web-based information system with PHP, Drupal also BlueERP.

PHP Developer

Water&Stone Bali, Indonesia | 2007

Water&Stone is a full-service digital agency focused on helping clients achieve value through the use of new media and open source technologies.

My role was as PHP Developer who creates and develops web site based on Joomla, Mambo, and Drupal.



Open Source | 2016

Swift client for NATS, the cloud native messaging system.


iOS App | 2015

KapanLibur is holiday reminder app for Indonesian, because they have a lot of holidays but hardly going travel. KapanLibur also offers you some suggestions on how to make the best of your limited leave.

I coded KapanLibur with Objective-C on iOS. Wrote its Golang API architecture and engine.

Runaway Crab

iOS App | 2014

Simple endless tap game about Mr. Little Crab who escapes from Evil Seafood Chef. Runaway Mr. Crab, runaway!

I coded Runaway Crab game with SpriteKit on iOS.


iOS App | 2014

Spend app is a beautiful iOS App to track your travel expenses from Travelish. If you want to enjoy your travel yet be mindful on your expenses then this app is for you. Less hassle, simple, and fun.

I coded Spend application with Objective-C on iOS. Wrote its Golang API architecture and engine.

Various Non Disclosure Projects

Company Projects | 2013

Designed the merchant voucher system and integrate it to the existing loyalty program. (Android, PHP), built EDC (Electronic Data Capture) socket server. (Python), built monitoring field sales performance mobile app. (Android), built custom mobile apps based on outside company request. (iOS, Android)


iOS & Android App | 2012

Darisini App is an iOS and Android app that helps you find the nearest locations in Indonesia based on categories. Find specific location information, get the location info, contact details, and map direction.

I coded Darisini application with Objective-C on iOS. Wrote its Golang API architecture and engine.

Observatoire de l'environnement Nouvelle Caledonie

Company Projects | 2012

The environmental observatory in the Southern Province, New Caledonia. It was created to answer many questions about the growing impact of human activities, industrial and mining on the environment.

As a Drupal developer who coded theme and custom modules.


Clients | 2011

ColoRotate is 3D color space, you can work with colors in 3D, in real time, and in a way that matches how our minds process color. ColoRotate gives you the freedom to let your imagination fly.

As a web developer who responsible for the development of the site.

Jeunes en Province Sud

Company Projects | 2011

Web portal for New Caledonia Youth. It provides informations, news, contests, and integrated with Youth Card system.

As a Drupal developer who coded theme and custom modules to integrate the Drupal users with the Youth Card users in JOSSO: a Single Sign-On mechanism based on Java.


Clients | 2010

A nonprofit organization committed to enhancing the public’s knowledge of science and culture.

As a web developer who responsible for the development of the site.


Clients | 2010

SpicyNodes is a way to visualize online information that mimics that way that people look for things in the real world. Bits of information such as text, links, photos, and other media are placed into ““nodes,”” which are then linked together in an appealing interface that invites exploration. SpicyNodes can be used for everything from mind maps and content portals to organizational charts and lesson plans.

As a web developer who responsible for the development of the site.


Clients | 2010

An online museum which promote discovery through multidisciplinary approaches that support all learning styles. WebExhibits is a public service of the Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement.

As a web developer who responsible for the development of the site, from PHP, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript implementation to creating the moon phase

Start-Up | 2009

Start-up company with broad array of products including online and offline communities, social media hub, and analytical engine.

As a developer who build and maintenance SSO (Single Sign On), reputation system and gamification engine.

Arc En Ciel

Company Projects | 2009

Web portal for Arc En Ciel travel group company based on New Caledonia. It provides all in one travel solution, such as transport, accommodation, and reservation.

As a Drupal developer who coded theme and custom travel modules to support the room rate system, and integrating with its Payment Gateway.

Start-Up | 2009

User generated content site for discussions, opinions, and interactions on all things related to politics in a broad sense with the aim of political experience to the Indonesia online generation.

As developer who built the site and its reputation engine.

Dian Sastro For President! End of Trilogy

Books | 2005

It’s a book. This anthology is the end of Dian Sastro for President trilogy. Contains 100 poems from 50 young writers.

As one of the poem writers.